Dirty Bro Basic Cut

Just your basic haircut - no shampoo and no free beer!

$20/30 minutes

Dirty Bro Clean Cut

This is the cut you need!  Cut, Shampoo, Style, and your free beverage!

$27/30 minutes

Dirty Bro Cut & Relax

Need to relax with a good shampoo, hot towel, and scalp massage?  This is it!  And, don't forget about your complimentary beverage!

$32/45 minutes

Dirty Bro Basic Pedicure

Relax with a cold beverage and get your feet cleaned up!   Basic but lavish.  This is a good nail trimming, soaked in hot relaxing water to soften up your feet, and finished with a good scrub and massage!

$30/30 minutes

Dirty Bro Deluxe Pedicure

Relax with a cold beverage and get your feet treated right!  This includes a soak in hot, relaxing water, a clipping, a scrub, deep foot massage, and finished with a hot towel!

$40/45 minutes

Dirty Bro Manicure

This is a good ol' manicure.  Enjoy your free beverage and let us clean up those man hands.  This includes a nice clip and file, along with a hot towel and hand massage!

$30/30 minutes

Dirty Bro Basic Facial

Just using soap to wash your face?  You need this!  We will clean you up right with a good facial scrub, hot towel, detoxifying face mask, and a light face massage!

$35/30 minutes

Dirty Bro Deluxe Facial

Want the best in facial care?  We will give you a premium facial scrub, hot towel, a deep-cleansing face mask, and relaxing massage of the face, hands, and feet!

$45/45 minutes

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